Saturday, 17 August 2013

Warm Bodies - Cool Music!

No-Spoiler Alert!

So saw this movie named Warm Bodies (title does mislead if you're thinking of something amorous) starring Nicholas Hoult (remember that snouty kid from "About a Boy", you don't? No wonder!) and Teresa Palmer (yeah, she's a looker! blonde and all)  among a few other notable (read one - John Malkovich) stars.

This movie is about a ZOMBIE apocalypse and their rise to take over the remaining Human settlements! Oooh! Yikes! Gross - you might think..but it really isn't, coz in the midst of it all is a bizarre yet charming, insanely-optimistic-heart-warming love story! (in case you din't notice - rhyme not intentional)

You might think of it as being as decrepit as the backdrop of this page..but hang on..just when you think the obvious Zombie-ism is about to take over, it seamlessly moves into an attention grabbing romantic mode!

Like when the dead guy first lays his eyes on the girl in the midst of a Zombie feast to a background track so utterly ineptly called "Missing You", and when a group of zombies Slow-mo Hero walks to "Hurricane"..I mean who comes up with this?!

But that's what does the trick, the soundtrack of this movie beautifully (Zombie?! Beautiful?!) combines with the screenplay to set the tone for the sequence of events to come.

The Director/Music supervisor deserve a friendly spank in their arses for choosing songs that set just the right mood as you watch the surreal luuvv unfold.

Just a few examples of a very well thought out and executed soundtrack which will leave you with some good moments - so wont say much more..just go take a listen..and a looky. 

I'd give it a 7/10, purely for the feel-good & for the fact that I watched a Zombie movie from start to finish.

P.S: Highly recommend you watch the movie before you head to the Youtube playlist.

P. P. S : In case you're wondering, I still haven't gotten around to naming my are welcome to leave your bright ideas for this most noble cause in the comments section (if you think commenting on the post itself is not worth the effort), & if I like rest assured, the name will be stolen for all eternity!

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